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5 Cryogenic Vials
• Innovative caps are molded with thermoplastic
elastomer to provide a leak proof seal.
• White marking area for sample identification labeling.
• Available with round or self-standing interlock bottom.
• Printed barcode on each tube.
• Manufactured in class 10,000 clean room; certified
DNase - RNase, pyrogen, ATP and Human DNA free.
• Temperature range, -196°C to +121°C / tube & caps
are autoclavable.
• Beta radiation sterilized
packaged in resealable safety
bags of 50 vials.
• Available wih internal and external threads.
• Pressure tested at 95 kPa (0.95 bar, 14 psi)
100% leak proof.
• Color coded cap inserts and workstation sold separately.
Cryogenic Storage Vials
Sample storage made safer.
Argos PolarSafe cryovials provide biological sample storage in temperatures as low as
-196°C. PolarSafe cryovials feature a co-molded screw cap; combining polyethylene
(PE) with a thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) eliminating the need for silicone o-rings.
O-rings create the potential for contamination if lost, cut during handling or bulge
due to over-tightening of cap. The PolarSafe vials are certified at 95 kPa to provide
a 100% leak proof cap.
Printed barcode for
automated storage
White writing area
and easy-to-read
Interlock bottom for
use in workstation
Tube ― Medical grade polypropylene,
Cap ― Medical grade polyethylene co-molded with TPE
cap design
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