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19 Freezer Racks
Upright Freezer Combination
Drawer Racks
For 2" Boxes, 15ml & 50ml Centrifuge Tubes
• These racks conveniently store both boxes and
centrifuge tubes in a single rack.
• Racks are for standard 2" cardboard, plastic, or metal
boxes and 15ml or 50ml plastic centrifuge tubes.
• Constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel.
• Security lock devices are available for each rack.
These specialized drawer racks give you the
option of storing 15 & 50mL tube samples
without a box. Our combination drawer racks
can hold standard 2" boxes, storage bottles
and 15&50mL centrifuge tubes. Use the
listing on the next page to find the
right freezer rack for your application.
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