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1 Freezer Boxes
Durable yet economical!
PolarSafe Cryo/Freezer Boxes and Dividers are made of
sturdy white cardboard, with a special moisture-repellent
coating to protect from the effects of liquid nitrogen or
condensation from refrigerated equipment. Small holes
on the bottom allow for safe drainage of liquid nitrogen
or water.
Simple design for versatile use
• Unbreakable white fiberboard to protect samples.
• Surface is easy to write on for identification.
• Sized to fit all standard stainless-steel and polycarbonate
storage systems.
• Choice of boxes and dividers to accommodate tubes
from 0.5 to 50mL.
• Protective coating prevents water or liquid nitrogen from
saturating box for increased longevity.
• Tight lid-to-box fit means accidental separation is next
to impossible.
• Bottom drain holes allow for safe drainage of liquid
nitrogen, prevent moisture build up.
• Can be used in mechanical freezers and liquid nitrogen
tanks at temperatures to -196°C.
Sample storage for a wealth of applications
Provide low-cost storage for laboratories in universities,
government, medical research and pharmaceutical
facilities; in institutions performing artificial insemination,
biotech, blood bank and stem cell/bone marrow
Choice of sizes and dividers for flexibility
• Three boxes come with dividers in popular
• Four boxes come without dividers: choose the divider
you need, replace it with another divider when
• Ten divider choices hold from 16 to 196 tubes.
• Hold tubes with diameters from 8mm to 33.5mm.
Cryo/Freezer Boxes & Dividers
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