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Products > Cell Biology > CELLSPIN Spinner System > CELLSPIN Spinner System

CELLSPIN Spinner System Click image to enlarge

CELLSPIN Spinner System

CELLSPIN Spinner System

The CELLSPIN is a stirrer for cultivating cells in spinner bottles with culture volumes from 100 to 1000 ml. The speed (5-75 rpm) and other stirring parameters can be individually programmed and modified at any time via the control unit, which is located outside of the incubator. In case of power failure or accidental disconnection of control and spinner units an alarm system is activated. The corrosion-free and sturdy construction makes the CELLSPIN a reliable cell culture system that will keep your cells always "on the move".

Ordering Information: Includes a stirring platform (with 4 stirring positions), a control unit, a power supply and a control cable.

CE certified.

Purchase CELLSPIN Spinner System Online:

Description Catalog # Quantity Price
Cellspin System (5-75rpm), complete. Consists of 1 stirring platform for each of 4 spinning flasks, control unit, power supply, control cable 183001 $2,790.00
Control unit incl. power supply 183013 $1,422.00
Conversion kit for impeller-type flasks 183260 $98.25
Glass Pendulum for 100ml 182701 $127.50
Glass Pendula for 250ml 182703 $139.00
Glass pendula for 500 and 1000ml 182706 $162.00
Spinner Flask 100mL, with one pendulum 182023 $475.00
Spinner Flask 250mL, with two pendula 182026 $482.00
Spinner Flask 500mL, with two pendula 182051 $580.00
Spinner Flask 1000 mL, with two pendula 182101 $720.00