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Products > Cryogenic Storage > Cooling Blocks > Cooling Blocks for tubes

Cooling Blocks for tubes Click image to enlarge

Cooling Blocks

Cooling Blocks for tubes

Polarsafe™ Cooling Blocks
For the utmost in temperature control
The PolarSafe™ Cooling Blocks are perfect for the utmost in temperature control for precious laboratory samples. Safely transfer samples directly into the cooling blocks with no risk of warming since all of our cool blocks will adjust from laboratory ambient temperatures to the desired target temperature within a matter of minutes.
The contoured wells provide inserted tubes with a snug fit and the most efficient thermal conductivity. Simply place the PolarSafe™ Cooling Blocks directly onto the desired temperature source and they will quickly adapt to the new temperature.

The family of 5 blocks will help keep biological samples upright, organized and at uniform temperatures for extended periods of time. They have been designed to eliminate the risks of directly immersing cryovials and microtubes into unstable cooling media. The blocks virtually eliminate the possibility of uneven cooling, accidental immersion or contamination.

• Accommodates 1.5/2.0mL MCT’s and cryogenic storage vials, 0.5mL tubes and 96 or 384 well plates
• Sufficiently packed ice can keep samples at or near 1°C for up to 8 hours
• Can be spun up to 12,000g (15mL) & 15,000g (50mL)
• Dry ice applications can run for 3-7 hours before re-charging with more dry ice

Purchase Cooling Blocks for tubes Online:

Description Catalog # Quantity Price
15 Well Aluminum Cooling Block, 1.5-2.0mL CB15 $149.00
15 Well Aluminum Cooling Block for cryogenic vials CB15CRY $149.00
24 Well Aluminum Cooling Block for 0.5mL tubes CB24 $149.00
96 Well Aluminum Cooling Block for 0.2mL tubes CB96 $166.00
384 Well Aluminum Cooling Block for pcr plates CB384 $207.00