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FireStar Bunsen Burners™ Click image to enlarge

FireStar Bunsen Burners

FireStar Bunsen Burners™

The Argos FireStar™ units are compact, safe and versatile Bunsen burners that operate with either house gas or disposable gas cartridges. The FireStar features UV resistant stainless steel housing and a removable burner head for easy cleaning. The dual knobs for adjusting gas and air flow provide a broad range of flame temperatures and intensity for any laboratory application.

Both models include built in safety features that include automatic gas valve shut off should the flame extinguish. There is also overheating protection and a burner head control that detects faulty, clogged or missing burner heads. A residual heat display illuminates as a warning to not touch the unit while the burner head is hot.

FireStar ST: Providing an economical solution to Bunsen burner safety, this unit can be operated by the on/off button or by utilizing the supplied foot switch. The foot switch can be used in the “standard” or “stop/start” mode, depending on the application. As a safety precaution, the unit will automatically shut off after 1 hour. The flame will be extinguished once the pre-set time has been reached.

FireStar XT: More versatile than the ST, the FireStar™XT can be operated with a touch free IR sensor, footswitch or using the on/off button. The animated, high-contrast graphic display is easy to read and program. Accidental ignition by the IR sensor is prevented by the double click safety feature. Additional safety features include monitored burn time, gas consumption, zero pressure shut off, and an over-heat alarm.

The automatic unit cut-off function prevents unintentional ignition of the flame when the burner has not been ignited for a longer period. The unit can be programmed to automatically shut off the flame at any point between 1 second and 2 hours.

Both the FireStar™ST and XT are CE, RoHS and WEEE compliant. The units are DVGW certified and include a 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

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Description Catalog # Quantity Price
FireStar ST Bunsen Burner FST100 $700.00
FireStar XT Bunsen Burner FST000 $851.00
Footswitch for FireStar Bunsen Burner, Stainless Steel, 3mm cable included FST200 $201.00
Gas Cartridge Adapter for Express 445 Gas Cartridges FST225 $169.00
Gas Cartridge Adapter for Coleman 250 Gas Cartridges FST226 $146.00
Gas Cartridge Cannister Express 445 (6 per pack) **$30.00 HAZARDOUS SHIPPING CHARGE INCLUDED IN PRICE** FST015 $103.00
Gas Cartridge Cannister Coleman 250 (Sold Individually) FST016 $22.19