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Products > Equipment > FlexiFuge Centrifuge > FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge

FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge
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FlexiFuge Centrifuge

FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge

FlexiFuge is a versatile, personal micro-centrifuge for quick, low speed centrifugation. Whisper quiet motor offers two speeds (2000g / 5,000g or 9,200 RPM) depending on application. FlexiFuge can be operated in continuous mode, pulsed for a short burst of rapid centrifugation, or timed to spin from 1-15 minutes. Regardless of setting, rotors stop once the lid release button is pushed. A ring of LED lights illuminate when the unit is active and can be viewed through the transparent lid. Color can be changed (red, green, blue) or turned off by a switch under the unit.

FlexiFuge is supplied with an 8-Place fixed angle rotor for 1.5mL tubes, a rotor for (4), 8 x.2mL PCR tube strips, 8 adapters for .5mL tubes and a 4-place rotor to spin 5mL micro-centrifuge tubes.

Flexifuge Centrifuge Rotor Installation Instructions Video
Flexifuge Centrifuge Rotor Installation Instructions Video

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Purchase FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge Online:

Description Catalog # Quantity Price
FlexiFuge Centrifuge 120V, includes rotors C1000 $611.00
FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge 1.5mL Tube Rotor C0300 $76.00
FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge PCR Strip Rotor C0301 $76.00
FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge 5mL Rotor C0302 $76.00
FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge Adapters for 0.5mL Tubes, 8 Each C0303 $44.00
5mL Rotor for CapSafe Tubes (T2075A) 4-Place C0307 $48.00