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Products > Cell Biology > G-Rex Cell Culture Devices > G-Rex Cell Culture Devices

G-Rex Cell Culture Devices Click image to enlarge

G-Rex Cell Culture Devices

G-Rex Cell Culture Devices

The G-Rex line of cell culture plates are designed for suspension or any non-adherent cell lines. The G-Rex technology allows cells to virtually unlimited oxygen and nutrient access on demand.

Cells reside on a gas permeable membrane in each well, with direct access to oxygen. Unlike traditional plastic bottom plates, G-Rex utilizes a unique silicone membrane to facilitate gas exchange. Additionally, the large media capacity of each well provides an abundant source of nutrients for expansion without the need for frequent media exchange compared to traditional multi-well plates.

Key Benefits

- Fresh media is required only every 4-5 days – Fill it and forget it.
- Cells can expand from as few as 500,000 per cm2 to as many as
40 x 106 per cm2
- The G-Rex plate will provide the same yield as 20 standard plates
- Cell growth is no longer restricted by the rate of oxygen diffusion through culture media
- Less handling reduces the chance of contamination

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Description Catalog # Quantity Price
G-Rex 6-well cell culture plate, 35mL capacity, 30mm well dimension 1/each GP1006 $53.00
G-Rex 24-well cell culture plate, 7mL capacity, 13mm well dimension 1/each GP1024 $53.00