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Products > Equipment > Bench Top Tube Rotator > RotoFlex Plus Tube Rotator

RotoFlex Plus Tube Rotator
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Bench Top Tube Rotator

RotoFlex Plus Tube Rotator

The RotoFlex Plus is a variable speed, digitally controlled tube rotator; accommodating tubes from 0.5 – 50mL by using included rotisserie panels. The easy to operate key pad allows for speed adjustments between 10 – 40 rpm. In addition to the variable speed feature the unit can also be operated in an oscillating mode. In oscillation mode the rotisseries rotate 40°, pause, then oscillate back and forth five times before rotating another 40° to repeat the process. After oscillating for 360°, the rotisserie rotates a complete turn before reverting back to the oscillation cycle.
The RotoFlex Plus can also be used with a magnetic platform (sold separately) to optimize Western Blot hybridization. Simply attach your plastic bag containing membrane & antibody solution to the plate using the metal strips provided.
Unit is supplied with base unit and rotisseries (1 pack of each size).

• Ideal for DNA Purification, protein binding, hybridization, sample mixing
• Magnetic platform available for Western Blot applications
• Accepts tubes from 0.5 – 50mL; rotisseries included
• Temperature range 4° to 60°C

RotoFlex Plus Instructional Video

Purchase RotoFlex Plus Tube Rotator Online:

Description Catalog # Quantity Price
RotoFlex Plus 120V (unit is supplied w/rotisseries, 1 pack of each size) R2200 $504.00
RotoFlex Plus 220V (unit is supplied w/rotisseries, 1 pack of each size) R2201 $504.00
Rotisserie for .5 - .8mL tubes / 21 tube capacity per rotisserie (2/PK) R2002 $39.25
Rotisserie for 1.5 - 2mL tubes / 15 tube capacity per rotisserie (2/PK) R2003 $39.00
Rotisserie for 5 - 7mL tubes / 7 tube capacity per rotisserie(2/PK) R2004 $39.25
Rotisserie for 10 - 15mL tubes / 7 tube capacity per rotisserie (2/PK) R2005 $39.25
Rotisserie for 50mL tubes / 6 tube capacity per rotisserie(1/PK) R2006 $39.25
Magnetic platform for use with RotoFlex Plus, includes 4 metal mounting strips R2012 $135.00
Metal strips for magnetic platform (10cm x 1.7cm) (4/PK) R2013 $19.75