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Product Manuals & Support

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  Cell Biology CELLine Bioreactors 900 05, 900 10, 900 25 Literature Technical Information Product Manual
  Cell Biology G-Rex Cell Culture Devices GP1006, GP1024 Literature   Product Manual
  Cell Biology Vacuum Filtration BSF2225, BSF4525, BSF2250, BSF4550, BSF2210, BSF4510, BPE2215, BPE4515, BPE2225, BPE4525, BPE2250, BPE4550, BPE2210, BPE4510, BPV2225, BPV4525, BPV2250, BPV4550, BPV2210, BPV4510, BNY2225, BNY4525, BNY2250, BNY4550 Literature    
  Consumables 5mL Microcentrifuge Tubes T2076A, T2077A, T2078A, T2079A, T2080A, T2076S-CA, T2081A Literature    
  Consumables LiteSafe® Centrifuge Tubes T7456-001, T7100BK, T2081A, TB1500, TB5000 Literature    
  Consumables BackSpring® 1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tubes T0015 Literature    
  Consumables Flexirack™ Pipetting Work Station R6000, R6001, R6002, R6003, R6004, R6005, R6006, R6007, R6009, R6008 Literature    
  Consumables DRNAse Free D6002, D6002C Literature Technical Information  
  Consumables LiteSafe Microcentrifuge Tubes T7100BK, T7456-001, T2081A Literature    
  Consumables LiteSafe Centrifuge Tubes TB1500, TB5000 Literature    
  Consumables LiteSafe 100 Place Freezer Box R3121 Literature    
  Consumables 15 & 50mL Centrifuge Tubes TC1500, TC1500R, TC1500NS, TC5000, TC5000R, TC5000NS, TC5000WL Literature    
  Consumables Flip Cap Tubes CF1500, CF5000 Literature    
  Liquid Handling Omega Plus Single Channel Serological Pipettor P5000, P5015, P5016, P5017, P5018, P5019, P1020, 153 015, 153 016, P3225, P5025, P5070, P3010, P1005, P5022, P3011 Literature   Product Manual
  Liquid Handling Plastic Serological Pipettes PB01, PB1, PB2, PB5, PB10, PB10W, PB25, PB50, PS01, PS1, PS2, PS5, PS10, PS10W, PS25, PS50, PS100, PMB11, PMS11 Literature    
  Liquid Handling Mini Serological Pipettes PM5, PM10, PM25 Literature    
  Liquid Handling 12 Channel Pipette Basins B3134, B3135 Literature    
  Liquid Handling Trifill Multi Channel Pipette Reservoir R3133 Literature    
  Liquid Handling Pipetting Reservoirs B3125-50, B3125-100, B3125-100NS, B3150-50, B3150-100, B3150-100NS, B3110-50, B3110-100, B3110-100NS Literature    
  Liquid Handling E-Vac Aspirating System EV310, EV320, EV300, EV431, EV432, EV370, EV420, EV371, EV372, EV418, EV332, EV331, EV342, EV015, EV403, EV355 Literature    
  Liquid Handling MiniVac Waste System MV000, MV001, B0000, B0001, EV331 Literature    
  Liquid Handling M-Vac and M-Vac Jr. Aspirating Systems EV445, EV431, EV432, EV446, EV600, EV601, EV611, EV612 Literature    
  Liquid Handling HandE-Vac Handheld Aspirator EV514, EV500, EV501, EV526, EV520, EV503, EV505 Literature    
  Liquid Handling P-Vac Portable Vacuum System PV000, PV010     Product Manual
  Liquid Handling Transfer Pipets TR250-0C, TR75G-0D, TR75S-0T, TR80G-0H, TR015-3F, TR030-1L, TR30M-1R, TR50L-1E, TR50S-1G, TR50D-1J, TR067-2O, TR75L-3A, TR60L-0K, TR230-0M, TR50G-0N, TR50B-2B, TR40T-0P, TR40L-0Q, TR150-0U, TR17G-0I, TR12G-0S Literature    
  Liquid Handling Omega Zen™ Pipette Controllers 25300-96, 25300-97, 25300-98, 25303-37, 25303-38, 25303-39, 25303-51, 25303-52, 25303-53, 25303-54, 25303-55 Literature   Product Manual
  Microbiology Disposable Inoculating Loops & Needles L0001, L0001-25, L0001-1, L0010, L0010-25, L0010-1, L0000, L0000-25, L0000-1 Literature    
  Microbiology REUSABLE INOCULATING LOOPS & NEEDLES L1100, L1101, L1102, L1103, L1104, L1110, L1111, L1120, L1121, L1122, L1123, L1124, L1125, L1126, L1127, L1128 Literature    
  Microbiology Nova Microcinerator S3011, S3022, S3011A, S3022A, S3011H, S3022H, S3012, S3013 Literature   Product Manual
  Microbiology Autoclave Deodorizers D6003, D6004, D6005, D6006 Literature Technical Information  
  Microbiology Disposable L-Shaped Cell Spreaders C4050, C4055 Literature    
  Equipment FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge C1000, C0300, C0301, C0302, C0303, C0307 Literature   Product Manual
  Equipment RotoFlex Tube Rotator R2000, R2001, R2002, R2003, R2004, R2005, R2006 Literature   Product Manual
  Equipment FireStar Bunsen Burners™ FST100, FST000, FST200, FST225, FST226, FST015, FST016 Literature Technical Information  
  Equipment Masterflex® Digital Mini Dispensing Pump Systems AR77922-32, AR77922-30, AR96440-25 Literature   Product Manual
  Cryogenic Storage LiteSafe® 100-Place Polypropylene Cryo-Boxes R3121 Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage PolarSafe™ 100-Place Polypropylene Cryo-Boxes R3125, R3126, R3127, R3128, R3129, R3130 Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage PolarSafe™ Polycarbonate Cryo-Boxes R3131, R3132, R3136, R3137 Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage PolarSafe™ 81-Place Polypropylene Cryo-Boxes R3116, R3118, R3115, R3119, R3120, R3117 Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage PolarSafe™ 15 & 50mL Polypropylene Cryo-Boxes R0015, R0050 Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage Upright Freezer Racks RF332A, RF342A, RF352A, RF362A, RF432A, RF442A, RF452A, RF462A, RF472A, RF532A, RF542A, RF552A, RD252A, RD332A, RD342A, RD352A, RD432A, RD442A, RD452A, RD462A, RD472A, RD532A, RD542A, RD552A, RF323A, RF333A, RF423A, RF433A, RF443A, RF453A, RF533A, RF543A, RD233A, RD323A, RD333A, RD423A, RD433A, RD453A, RD533A, RFH23A, RFH24A, RFH25A, RFH33A, RFH34A, RFH35A, R9670A, R9680A, R9684A, R9696A, R9698A, R96112A, RDP44A, RDP55A, RDP56A, RDP65A, RDP66A, RTB54A, RTB55A, RTB64A, RTB65A, RLB22A, RLB32A, RLB42A, R1560A, R1580A, R15104A, R1512A, R1516A, R15208A, R5030A, R5039A, R5051A, R5060A, R5078A, R50102A, RTB76A Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage Chest Freezer Racks RC032A, RC042A, RC052A, RC062A, RC072A, RC082A, RC092A, RC102A, RC112A, RC122A, RC132A, RC142A, RC152A, RC043A, RC053A, RC063A, RC073A, RC083A, RC093A, RC103A, RM062A, RM092A, RM102A, RM112A, RM122A, RM132A, RM142A, RM152A, RM063A, RM073A, RM083A, RM093A, RM103A, RCH08A, RCH09A, RCH10A, RCH11A, RCH12A, RCH13A, RC9625A, RC9630A, RC9635A, RC9640A, RC9645A, RCDP09A, RCDP10A, RCDP11A, RCDP12A, RCDP13A, RCDP14A, RCDP15A, RCDP16A, RCTB08A, RCTB09A, RCTB10A, RCTB11A, RCTB12A, RCTB13A, RC044A, RC054A, RC064A Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage Cardboard Freezer Boxes and Dividers R3026A, R3027A, R3025A, R3015A, R3014A, R3016A, R3013A, R3023, R3020, R3019, R3018, R3017, R3024, R3021, R3022, R3028 Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage PolarSafe Cryogenic Storage Vials CRY01S, CRY02S, CRY02CS, CRY03S, CRY04S, CRY05S, CRY11S, CRY12S, CRY12CS, CRY14S, CRY14CS, CRY15S, CRY15CS Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage Color-Coded Cap Inserts CRY61S, CRY62S, CRY63S, CRY64S, CRY65S, CRY66S, CRY67S Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage Cryogenic Vial Workstation CRY51, CRY52 Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage PolarSafe Cryogenic 2D Tubes CRY32, CRY35, CRY42, CRY45 Literature    
  Cryogenic Storage 2D PolarSafe™ Polycarbonate Cryo-Boxes CRY71, CRY81, CRY91, CRY92 Literature    

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