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Transfer Pipets
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Transfer Pipets

Transfer Pipets

Argos Technologies Transfer Pipets are manufactured from a custom grade low-density polyethylene (LDPE), making them the perfect substitute for breakable glass pipettes. These single unit pipets are disposable, therefore eliminating the risk of cross contamination without compromising the quality and precision needed to create controlled, repeatable uniform drops. The unbreakable nature of these plastic pipets eliminates the risk of injury or infection.

Most of our pipets come packaged in a unique re-sealable dispenser box. The box is more robustly constructed than most competitive offerings, and the small, easy-to-use, dispenser means our pipets can be conveniently located on any benchtop.

• Constructed of translucent shatterproof, low density polyethylene (LDPE) which is non-toxic and inert to biological fluids and most acids.
• Available with or without graduations in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate multiple uses.
• Volumes ranging from .25mL all the way up to 23mL
• The built-in bulb design eliminates the need to insert or remove cumbersome rubber bulbs.
• Temperature range -50°C to 90°C
• Can be gas sterilized
• Plastic reduces the loss of cells and proteins that often occurs with binding that takes place with glass alternatives.
• Pipets can be heat sealed to provide liquid tight transport, or storage of solutions.
• CE Certified

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Description Catalog # Quantity Price
Transfer Pipets, Exact Volume, 250µL (0.25mL),102mm, 500/Bag TR250-0C $15.38
Transfer Pipets, 7.5mL, General Purpose, Large Bulb, Standard,155mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR75G-0D $14.76
Transfer Pipets, 7.5mL, General Purpose, Large Bulb, STERILE, PKS of 20, 500/Standard Box TR75S-0T $18.87
Transfer Pipets, 8.0mL, General Purpose, Large Bulb, 152mm, 400/Dispenser Box TR80G-0H $15.46
Transfer Pipets, 1.5mL, Graduated to 0.3mL, 116mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR015-3F $15.59
Transfer Pipets, 3.0mL, Small Bulb, Graduated to 1mL, 138mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR030-1L $15.98
Transfer Pipets, 3.0mL, Small Bulb, Double Graduated to 1mL, 140mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR30M-1R $15.96
Transfer Pipets, 5.0mL, Large Bulb, Graduated to 1mL,155mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR50L-1E $15.81
Transfer Pipets, 5.0mL, Large Bulb, Double Graduated to 1mL, STERILE, 155mm, PKS of 20 500/Standard Box TR50S-1G $17.99
Transfer Pipets, 5.0mL, Large Bulb, Double Graduated to 1mL (graduation marks shown on both sides), 155mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR50D-1J $14.34
Transfer Pipets, 6.7mL, Graduated to 2mL, 152mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR067-2O $13.85
Transfer Pipets, 7.5mL, Large Bulb, Graduated to 3mL, 155mm 500/Dispenser Box TR75L-3A $15.99
Transfer Pipets, 6.0mL, Extra Long, 230mm (9 inches long), 500/Dispenser Box TR60L-0K $21.28
Transfer Pipets, 23.0mL, Extra Long, 300mm (12 inches long), 100/Standard Box TR230-0M $14.39
Transfer Pipets, 5.0mL, Blood Bank, Non-Graduated, 155mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR50G-0N $15.97
Transfer Pipets, 5,0mL, Blood Bank, Graduated to 2mL, 155mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR50B-2B $15.63
Transfer Pipets, 4.0mL, Narrow Stem, Short, 86mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR40T-0P $15.99
Transfer Pipets, 4.0mL, Narrow Stem, Long, 155mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR40L-0Q $15.81
Transfer Pipets, 15.0mL, Narrow Stem, Large Bulb, 155mm, 250/Dispenser Box TR150-0U $15.15
Transfer Pipets, 1.7mL, Mini, Non-Graduated, 87mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR17G-0I $15.99
Transfer Pipets, 1.2mL, Mini, Non-Graduated, 64mm, 500/Dispenser Box TR12G-0S $16.06